Monday, December 6th, 2021

Random: Inside this is a Street Fighter II Easter Egg (check the note) “Can Depalletizer”

Image: Capcom

The widespread impact of video games means that few references are displayed anywhere.. In the movie. During a TV show. In the book.Or in the case of Capcom Street fighter IIAs a hidden screen for can depalletizers used in the brewing industry. Yes, you read that right.

Reddit poster RonnieBringIt I uploaded a video showing him entering a combination of commands in Skafab Shows screenshots of Nimbus depallitizer’s HMI (Human Machine Interface) and Capcom’s famous one-on-one fighter.

Street Fighter II Easter Egg
image: RonnieBringIt (Reddit)

What is this machine? Well, here’s the explanation, Provided by SkaFab:

Nimbus combines the best features of two best-selling machines to create a new low-cost depalletizer optimized for small spaces and slow applications. It extends the state-of-the-art capabilities of the patented turntable design, providing additional storage and the ability to fold and store the rotary table, further reducing the machine footprint when not in use. Combining this innovation with the Can-i-Bus pallet lift and layer sweep design, a compact and efficient can depalletizer with discharge height that allows for superior can drop and many discharge angle options. It will be created. The machine is inherently quiet (no vibrator) and requires minimal space on the production floor.

What does that image do there? Now, anyone responsible for developing the software that powers these machines is clearly like a gamer.