Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Random: Hey, Switch Online N64 game description mentions the Golden Sun

Image: Nintendo

If you’re a Nintendo fan of the Game Boy Advance generation, you may have experienced Camelot’s fantasy role-playing series. Golden sun.. There were two games in between, and players could also transfer some content to the second game. Golden sun lost era..

As long as fans want to see this series come back, Nintendo doesn’t seem to have any plans to bring it back. So every time I hear or see the internet mentioning the Golden Sun, it goes into a bit of frenzy. Even better in this case is that Nintendo officially acknowledged it this time.

The latest reference to this classic RPG series will be displayed via Switch Online’s new Nintendo 64 service when you press “X” to learn the original details of Camelot. Mario tennis game. Indeed, such references may be difficult for some fans if the GBA title is not available on the service.

“The Mushroom Kingdom’s masterpiece has come to court in this wild multiplayer tennis game from the developers behind the Golden Sun and Mario Golf games!”

Other descriptions of the Nintendo 64 game library don’t really refer to the history of the developers, so it’s interesting to see that the title of a particular Camelot is recognized.The actual sightings at the end of the series Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Issac as an assist trophy), and long before this we too Golden Sun: Dark Dawn For Nintendo DS.

Do you think it’s time for Nintendo to revive this beloved RPG fantasy series when such Golden Sun name-dropping caught the attention of fans?Perhaps it could give it a makeover like this Advance Wars Series or something? Please leave your own thoughts below.