Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Random: Good Road, this 3-screen mutant Game Boy is terribly cursed

image: Haihai SB

Remodeling a Game Boy with a better screen and a better battery isn’t new, but it’s a prolific remodeler. Haihai SB We are not just happy to improve these vintage systems. He wants to make things extreme, as evidenced by his latest twisted work, the DMG-105Z.

HaihaiSB started with the original DMG-01 Game Boy model, added two screens instead of one, and replaced the DMG display with a full-color touch panel. This means that the console can play GB and GBC titles, DS games, and GBA titles.

You can fold the screen to ensure the best experience in each format, but HaihaiSB is particularly pleased to introduce what he calls the “cursed boy” mode.

If you’re intrigued rather than disgusted, you can check out some of Haihai SB’s other crazy pieces. here.. I have selected some favorites from the following.