Monday, September 20th, 2021

Random: Game Dev uses Game Builder Garage to professionally rebuild Mario Party mini-games

André Cardoso’s opinion on Sizzling Stakes – not bad, right? (image: Mix and Jam / Nintendo)

When the game was first launched earlier this summer, we have seen all kinds of wonderful Game Builder Garage creations. Although the initial excitement seems to have subsided a bit recently, here is a brief reminder that the game creation tools really great.

Brazilian game developer André Cardoso has been working hard to recreate several mini-games in “Super Mario Party” in Game Builder Sizzling Stakes, Bopping Spree, and Fuzzy Flight School are among the few selected. Despite the limitations of Game Builder Garage, Cardoso has managed to make them look and work very close to the real thing.

Videos covering all three games can be found on André’s Mix and Jam YouTube channels, showing the gameplay and a quick review of how each game was made. check it out: