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There have been a lot of dramas surrounding the sale of gradual retro games these days, and many claim that they are all elaborate scams. However, despite the current negative clouds, there still seems to be room for new trends to develop, and I didn’t think selling an empty flat pack box would be one of them.

That’s right – we currently have a list eBay For two people GoldenEye Display Box-First Printed Matter (1997) and Player’s Choice (1999) -Total price is £ 2,445 ($ 3,281 USD). “I’m reluctant to split the pair, but feel free to contact me. [me] If you have a question or discuss a price, “says the seller.

The seller states that both boxes are “UKG Graded 85+ NM +” and “keep as untouched as possible and have never been configured and graded in their original flat press condition.” Obviously, there’s never been a better time to own an empty display box associated with this classic rare FPS.

Golden eye box
image: kultclassic-uk

The auction caught the attention of one of the first developers of the game, David Doak.

Joking aside, it’s easy to see why, but it doesn’t really suggest that an empty box could be the next big collection boom. serious Fans may find these desirable items. Still, at that price, we would be anxious to have, You see, A copy that actually contains the game itself.

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