Monday, September 20th, 2021

Random: For nearly 30 years, we have misunderstood the stunts on the street of fury

Picture: Sega

Yesterday, Sega Angry street The series turns 30-composer Yuzo Koshiro decided to share a trivia that shocked many fans.

Koshiro explained that in Angry street 2, Axel Stone’s most famous nirvana—tap twice in the same direction and press to attack—is actually called “on the ground” instead of “on the ground”.

This makes perfect sense, really-his fist starts from the ground and rises up before making contact with the enemy.However, the voice samples Do Sounds a lot like “Grand Upper”, and Koshiro admits that he never cared too much about correcting people-he said his message was to be seen as an interesting trivia, not a tick.

When we talk about angry streets, be sure to check out our retrospective series, which was re-released yesterday to commemorate the 30th birthday of the series. In addition, if you haven’t tried Fury Street 4 and the recently released Mr. X Nightmare DLC, please give it a try.