Monday, September 20th, 2021

Random: FLUDD of Super Mario Sunshine appears in the new Mario Golf game

Nintendo Life

FLUDD may not be a household name, but if you are a long-time fan of Mario, you may have heard of this beautiful device before.

It first appeared in the 2002 GameCube version Super Mario Sunshine And it is a very important tool for Mario throughout the adventure-a bit like Poltergust 3000 Luigi’s Mansion series. When Nintendo re-released Sunshine, you might even have experienced FLUDD firsthand Super Mario 3D All-Star Last year’s anniversary collection.

Getting to the point, it seems that FLUDD has come back, but not in the way everyone expected.In Nintendo’s latest game Mario Golf: Super Sprint It made a cameo as a corner post, well, of course Mario fans on the Internet have noticed:

As you can see above, people have high hopes for the Mario 3D adventure sequel on the GameCube. Although it’s best to just think of it as a cool Easter egg, who knows what might happen on the horizon.

Did you find FLUDD in Mario Golf: Super Rush? Do you think this is a sign of the future? How did you find Mario’s new golf game? Leave your own thoughts below.