Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Random: Fans jokingly compare Sonic Frontiers to unofficial unrealistic engine tech demos

Image: Now

Sonic Frontiers Certainly very impressive and promises what to do for the Sonic franchise Breath of the Wild Did for Zelda-that is, rejuvenate it through the wonders of open world exploration (or the “open zone” that Sega prefers to call it).

However, some people online are calling Sega (which should be added comfortably) by appearing to be a copy of the Unreal Engine tech demo from a few years ago.

Created by CryZENxIn the demo, Sonic is running around in the long grass. It’s certainly not a million miles away from the footage shown in the Sonic Frontiers trailer.

Despite the mysterious similarities between the two videos (hey, both have Sonic) When grass! ), CryZENx doesn’t look like working for the Sonic Team in a new game coming out later next year. Boo.