Monday, September 20th, 2021

Random: Fans are inspecting the calculator of Nintendo Switch

Official screenshots of “Calculator” are now available on Nintendo Switch.

Earlier this week, Nintendo Switch had its own calculator. It’s expensive and arguably unnecessary, but its absurdity makes it one of the most watched Nintendo Switch versions this week. We are serious – News is very slow now.

In any case, Switch owners are now moving in a further direction and seem to have had a good time sharing their comments on the new version (whether real or untrue).We decided to take a quick look Critical (Because this is our life), although there are no official commentators, there are some fan comments. Here are some:

“There were so many twists and turns in the last half hour of this work. I’m a little in awe of the extent to which the developers took this approach. For the inevitable sequel, it didn’t save any money.”

“Goty, this game [sic] Good price, the best game I have tried in my life, all characters are balanced”

“The best game on Nintendo Switch, it’s just a masterpiece, worth GOTY”

Okay, isn’t it? Is it worth mentioning after all?

On Reddit, a Switch owner seems have Purchased the app and published a Almost 500 word comments Summarize their thoughts. It reads: “I can tell you what the gameplay lacks right away.” “The calculator is permanently in’degree’ mode. You can’t see arcs. Maybe it’s good for engineers, but it’s bad for calculus students!”

Despite mentioning the defects, they eventually gave it a 9/10 price, which surprised them that they bought it first.

There is more content, because YouTuber is also taking action. There are some videos, such as “I paid $10 for the calculator on Nintendo Switch”, which sounds more like a confession than a comment, and then there is a video that made us laugh, and it is indeed worth watching: