Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Random: Ever wondered what Metroid’s Samus Aran would look like in Marvel vs. Capcom 2?

image: Curcy

Metroid dread It’s out today-you knew it, of course-and it gave us Perfect An excuse to showcase the amazing pixel artwork of a talented individual called Curcy..

Curcy has the real skill to turn a 3D video game character into a nice 2D pixel art sprite that doesn’t look like a Capcom fighter. Marvel vs. Capcom 2, And they have recently been working on a series of works related to Samus Aran:

But that’s not all. Curcy also Zelda When Bayonetta, And it’s impressive how real these look – it really feels like they’ve jumped out of Capcom’s crossover fighters.

With Ryu Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Perhaps some Nintendo characters can go in the opposite direction? That may not be the case, but at least we need to keep an eye on Curcy’s work.

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