Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Random: Each time this NBA star scores, it plays the iconic Zelda sound.

Image: Nintendo / Katsuya Terada

Sports personalities may have more skills, strength, and guilt than the average person can be proud of, but they are people like you and me-that is, they are us. Often prefers the same thing as.

Take Jarrett Allen of the Cleveland Cavaliers as an example.This NBA star Large scale Zelda A fan and a collection of franchise-related souvenirs, including 3D-printed Hyylian shields.his Favorite Zelda game teeth Ocarina of Time (Fact fan, released in the year he was born) And like everyone else, he Big fan of Breath of the Wild..

This is Allen’s love for Zelda, and when he scores, an iconic “secret” sound effect is played on the stadium’s sound system. It all started with his former team, Brooklyn Nets, when he was asked to request a sound effect when he scored.

according to ESPN’s Zack Low:

Allen first requested the effect in Nets when the staff asked the player for a suggestion. “It took me about 10 seconds to come up with the perfect one,” says Allen. “Short and sweet.”

It’s a little hard to understand, but you can hear the sound around the 3 minute mark in the next clip.