Monday, November 29th, 2021

Random: Dune’s Paul Atreides eventually turns out to be one of us

Image: Warner Bros Pictures / Nintendo

Dennis Villeneuve Dunes The film may not be the first attempt to adapt Frank Herbert’s epic science fiction novel, but it’s certainly one of the most successful, with $ 223.2 million in revenue (at the time of writing). I have won. Positive review – David Lynch’s highly malicious 1984 edition isn’t a cult classic (anyway, we like it), but in the end it fails hard at the box office. bottom.

The central figure of Paul Atreides is none other than Timothée Chalamet, one of Hollywood’s hottest young talents today. He’s also like a nut in the game – or at least he was during his formation.If you haven’t read it yet Great detective work As a result, he was connected to an Xbox 360 controller that modifies his YouTube account, so he needs to visit his sister site. Pure Xbox It’s a complete story, but before the Xbox 360 came out, Chalamet was big Nintendo fan.

Talk to Nate Hill during Dune’s press runChalamet discussed the video game he grew up in and explained that he was “engaged” with a title like this: Luigi’s Mansion When Super Smash Bros. DX.. Sadly, he didn’t seem to be allowed to own an N64 (interviews seem to suggest that his parents wouldn’t allow him to own an N64 at such a young age. So instead he had to start a little later GameCube).

As you can see, Chalamet is one of the rising stars in the film industry, Dunes, kings, interstellar, little women When French dispatch As his name suggests, he is also a deep lover of Nintendo. If you do, one of us.