Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Random: Do you like the “new” copy of F-Zero on SNES? PixelHeart at your service

© PixelHeart

These days we are used to seeing retro games get reprints, but if you desire 100% authenticity, then you may be more excited about the news from the French publisher Pixel heart 500 “new” copies F-zero Sold on SNES.

Although some people who are overly optimistic may think that these are reprints officially approved by Nintendo, we have kept in touch with PixelHeart and confirmed that this is a new “old” inventory, which may have been recently discovered in the warehouse.

The problem is that these are Italian copies of the PAL area, so it’s no surprise that the box and manual are in Italian. PixelHeart also pointed out that these games are not shrink-wrapped, but instead use protective hard plastic “crystal boxes.” PixelHeart also pointed out that some copies may show slight wear and tear after being stored for decades.

However, if you like the “new” copy of F-Zero, this should meet the requirements- Less than 50 euros, They are not too expensive. If they are sealed, maybe they will be more out of our price range?