Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Random: Do not soak Zelda Gameboy cartridges in orange juice

It seems obvious, but dipping old video game cartridges in orange juice is not a good idea.That is the lesson Soldering (Also known as Taylor Burley) is currently preaching-if you didn’t know, Burley often asks his viewers to send items that are no longer functioning, and his latest case is a copy. bottom The Legend of Zelda: Oracle According to its owner, it was recently immersed in some Sweet, sweet OJ.

The game was cleaned to the fullest of its owner’s abilities and worked for a short time, but refused to launch when it reached Burley’s desk. As you can see from the video, Burley was amazed at how the game looked when he first opened the cartridge, but when he removed the components on the board, he quickly noticed that not all of the orange juice had been cleaned up and was acidic. The liquid quietly ate up the traces of copper for a while.

solution? Burley scrapes off the corrosion and begins to meticulously reproduce the damaged connection with a single 30 gauge wire. This is a very difficult task and requires the use of a digital microscope and tweezers. To finish it all, Burley sprays a special coating. This should ensure that the cart will not be ruined if it is submerged in liquid in the future.

It’s strangely relaxing to see Burley’s work, so I highly recommend it. Check out other videos on his channel – Especially if you appreciate the technique of handling a soldering iron with stable hands.