Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Random: Did you know that the OLED model of the switch includes a “softer” HDMI cable?

Image: Nintendo

Forget about 4K and all the cutting-edge features expected to be included in the gaming system in 2021. Nintendo knows exactly what you need: a “softer” HDMI cable.

In the company’s latest volume, Ask the Developer, Nintendo representatives Hiroshi Shioda and Toru Yamashita highlighted some of the “invisible changes” in the Switch OLED model. Perhaps outstanding was the comment on how the included HDMI cable became “softer” and more flexible. This is a complete replacement:

The HDMI cable is also different. I like this change very much. Feel the flexibility.

(Impressive) Certainly, it’s softer than what was previously included.

Yamashita: Cable improvements have been under consideration for a long time, and some of our staff have been working on it, which happened to coincide with the release of the Nintendo Switch-OLED model.

If it hasn’t sold you on Switch OLED yet, there are some other minor things Nintendo wants to point out. The logo in the center of the included Joy-Con grip is engraved rather than printed. In addition to this, the Joy-Con strap has white dots (at least on the white model):

“We also changed the design of the Joy-Con strap and added white dots.”

Nintendo, thank you for your hard work.

Earlier this week, disassembly of the new OLED model suggested Nintendo Might be so I upgraded from HDMI 1.4 to HDMI 2.0. Even with that, there is no official confirmation yet.