Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Random: Check out these “models” of Game Boy Advance to switch online

If you are like us, you may have missed the Game Boy Advance game so far. Nintendo provided them in the Wii U generation of the eShop and provided them to the 3DS ambassador in 2011.

So, what about online switches? Maybe we can see them in paid services one day? Obviously, we are not the only ones who think it should expire long ago.A fan of Nintendo, whose name is NCS master station On twitter I’ve put things in my own hands (well, kind of) and made some awesome “simulations”.

I just thought of being able to start something like Advance war, Mario Speedway, Metroid Fusion with Golden sun (And playing them again during the trip) excites us. Although its design is the same as the NES and SNES libraries, there is no guarantee that if Nintendo does release the Game Boy Advance service, its appearance will be similar to this.

Are you eager to see the return of Nintendo’s GBA library? If the Switch announced the GBA library, which games would you like to check out? Leave a comment below.