Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Random: Check out Emora Kart, a Macintosh-only Super Mario Kart clone from 1994

We’re all accustomed to seeing car tracers copying the trusted Mario Kart formula lately, but to the past proving that game developers were busy imitating Nintendo’s style from the beginning. It’s a simple explosion.

Emora Kart is a mouse-controlled Super Mario Kart clone developed exclusively for the Macintosh in 1994, just a few years after Nintendo’s own efforts hit the Blog post, Matt Sephton shared the gameplay details after encountering the game on the CD-ROM that came with the January 2002 issue of the Japanese magazine MacLife.

Sefton explains that the game starts with a tutorial-style qualifying course, and winning first place opens four more courses. These new tracks are more challenging, but if you finish all of them first, the last special course will be unlocked.

Your racer (dinosaur-like creature, Emora) will automatically accelerate and let you steer. To control Emora’s cart, track the mouse pointer in front of the cart. This gives Sefton “the feeling of pulling almost around the truck,” he said.

Emola cart
image: Via Matt Sefton

Like Mario Kart, Emola Kart has coins scattered around the track, and even the shape of the circuit above is reminiscent of Super Mario Kart’s iconic donut plane.

If you are interested in checking this yourself, you can play the game in your browser here (However, it is expected that the execution speed will be slower), or download here Play on real Macintosh hardware.