Monday, September 20th, 2021

Random: Aya Neo’s Switch-style handheld computer is undergoing a game boy transformation

picture: Shin Aya

Since the Switch went public and renewed interest in portable games, we have seen a considerable number of imitators and competitors, most of which come from companies in the Far East. GPD has shown more than one handheld device inspired by Switch, Chinese giant Tencent also has a similar machine under development, and relatively new company Aya Neo has been working on its “AYANEO 2021” device for some time.

Like many current technology companies (including Nintendo), Aya Neo has been working hard to source components for its products. Crowdfunding campaign Earlier this year. Although the “supporter” unit is in the wild, the final consumer version of AYANEO 2021 will be fully put into production next month-Aya Neo has upgraded its specifications and Nintendo-style changes to truly regain its new life. Game credentials.

The new case color called “Retro Power” by the manufacturer is a dead end of the original Game Boy in 1989. Aya Neo is simpler in its promotional images, holding it with OG Game Boy or even games and watches.