Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Random: Are you going to Holland soon?Then make sure you play this “lost” Super Mario World sequel

Image: Nintendo

Mario has appeared in quite a few million-selling games, but has also contributed to some lesser-known titles. Super Mario’s Wacky World, Canned platformer for Philips CD-i multimedia systems in the early 90’s.

Developed in the United States by Malibu-based Nova Logic. Comanche When Delta force Series – Wacky Worlds was marketed as a legendary sequel Super Mario World..Philips had the right to use Nintendo characters in CD-i games for a deal with Nintendo related to the Super Nintendo CD-ROM add-on (which was inked when Nintendo put Sony on the altar). (We thank you for this deal Zelda Title on that platform).

Nintendo executives suggested that a 2D platformer might be a good fit for the system, so NovaLogic staff Silas Warner and John Brooks worked 24 hours a day, two weeks a day to create a small sampler that could be presented to Nintendo. Reported to have worked. The Japanese giant was impressed with the work, but the project was canceled due to the poor commercial performance of the CD-i.However, we know that at least three prototypes are in active circulation, one of which Home Computer Museum In Helmond, the Netherlands.

Willem Hill Horst I tried it myself and posted some videos of action games. It’s worth noting that the footage has flickering and blinking, so be careful before pressing play.

If you are planning a trip to the Netherlands in the future (or if you know) Already live there), It seems worth a visit to the museum.