Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Random: Animal Crossing Player Discovers Discord in Update 2.0

image: @discord

Nintendo has released the last major free content update Animal Crossing: New Horizons There are many things to unpack.

One of the specific items added is the gaming computer, which so many people talk about. It’s not a very item, but it’s the content of the screen that’s been talked about. If you squint, you may find that there are chat programs and colorful first-person shooters.

And it didn’t take long for players to realize that it could be a reference to Discord and perhaps Nintendo’s team-based squid shooter series, Splatoon (credit, fluffysmolcloud). The game on the screen may be FPS, but there are definitely some familiar weapons.

“No way discord and platoon reference …”

Even Discord picked up the reference-Twitter accounts point out how it was “officially successful”.

Not surprisingly, many answers quickly referred to the Switch Online app, which is the only official method of voice communication on Switch, and how they want support for Discord.

“Nintendo references Discord, but connects to the NSO smartphone app to enable voice chat in the game.”

“If you see discord in the game, you know Nintendo. If you have everything in your system, it’s pretty cool.”

I hope this will be some sort of next level discord for Switch bullying, but it’s just like a cool Easter egg. Animal Crossing: Did you find any other neat reference like this in the New Horizons 2.0 update? Please leave a comment below.