Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Random: An old woman who is keen on Wii Fit has reached 4,784 days in the game

Frankly speaking, this Smash Bros. screen is the most interesting Wii Fit image we can find (Photo: Nintendo)

To be fair, many of us have some dusty Ring suitable for adventure Ring-Con controllers are hiding in the corner, wondering if they will be used again. This is the curse of fitness games-the initial enthusiasm can easily give way to indifference within a few weeks.

Well, this is not the case in a particular situation, this is a pretty good story.George Perkins, founder Super rare game (Specializing in the physical version of Switch), shared the continuous update of his grandmother using the original version Wii Fit; We previously reported on her 10 years of experience. The latest number? 4,764 days.

We have already seen similar examples of promises made to Nintendo games, such as more than 3,500 hours in Animal Crossing: New Leaves, although spending so many days in Wii Fit is definitely an achievement!

Maybe some of us can use it as a driving force for 1 day in Ring Fit Adventure.