Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

Random: Alphabetical e-shop supremacy soars with “a”

Suspicious flirting with copyrighted images, check! (Image: Banana cat)

The e-shop is crowded and even if the game is particularly good, it takes a lot of hard work and luck to get attention, increase reviews and increase sales. Of course, as we’ve seen with crazy discounts over 90%, there are tricks to get around it, and a slightly weird strategy seems to bet on alphabetical listings and store placement.

Recently we had AAA clockA ridiculous app that tries to harness the meme power of calculator, While conveniently playing the alphabetical list game.

Now we have NS, This is actually its full name. Here’s a description of the official game released today (it seems to be EU only). Make sure you understand the tactics.








It is a 2D platformer.


-Fast paced platform gameplay

-Top-down overworld

Let’s skip the fact that this was swayed by Nintendo in the submission process. Yes, Let’s do it..

Its name is interesting Goes, but wants to appear at the top of the alphabetical search, unlike the established and often successful “huge discount” strategies very It is unlikely to lead to increased visibility and sales. Not only is’a’poor product name, inefficient when it comes to search engines, etc., but searching all results in alphabetical order can be quite expensive. No How most people browse e-shops. The price is also very cheap, but due to name issues it can be less relevant.

It certainly looks like a drunken Olimar
It certainly looks like a drunken Olimar (Image: Banana cat)

It’s interesting in some ways, but it’s also a problem for the eShop platform. Especially if there are many compelling games in the crowd that are often overlooked. And, as you can see on the screen above, it’s difficult to take the “a” seriously.

The discovery of the “a” in today’s weekly e-shop crawl cast doubt on the meaning of life and the universe. I hope that the sequel “b” will go against the odds and become dangerous.

Another suspicious moment for the e-shop, everything said, However Browse this week’s release and you’ll find lots of compelling games. Do not search for gems in alphabetical order in the e-shop. It doesn’t finish well.