Monday, May 16th, 2022

Random: A bunch of small Pikachu dancing around a 10-meter-high Pikachu to celebrate the opening of the mall

image: Please see Matsue

Usually, if you hear the news that a lot of creatures are found dancing a lot, many You’ll be a little worried that some mysterious rituals may be taking place in the taller versions of the creatures above.It certainly can’t be said No It’s a case, but at least it’s cute.

On November 18th, gaming industry insider Daniel Ahmad posted some photos of a mysterious Pikachu 10 meters high outside the new Shanghai mall. Today, the reason for the big boy has become clear. He is part of a partnership between the Pokemon Company and the grand opening of Matsue INCITY, and is also a totem around the little dance Pikachu (which is trotted out at almost every event), and sometimes shrinks). I can do it.

It’s all part of a much larger collaboration, with even bigger Pokemon, pop-up stores, and special events in the mall.

In fact, Matsue INCITY is far from the first Shanghai mall that connected to Pokemon. There is also a mall called Metro City. Shaped like a monster ball:

Which Pokemon is the most hyped as a 10 meter high statue? Please let us know in the comments.