Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Random: A British company is inviting customers to smash old game consoles

Picture: Demolition Therapy

If you are a frequent visitor to this website, we think you are probably the kind of person who takes care of old games and consoles with warm love and care. In fact, as far as we are concerned, we are not afraid to admit that our collection of classic systems is so precious that if someone touches one of our favorite objects, we will start to feel a little nervous.

However, the other end of the scale is demolition therapy. This new initiative by the British company Electrical Direct invites people to “eliminate lock-in pressure” on old, damaged electrical equipment (including various gaming technologies). We have seen similar plans before-the idea is that you can really release your stress and anger in a safe environment, and vent things with your friends.

We will avoid sharing too much of the press release of the initiative (it touches on the stereotyped “game player is angry and quit the monster” conversation), but basically, you and a friend can enjoy 30 minutes of technical crushing fun. 50 pounds. For this admission fee, you can pick up hammers, bricks, axes, mallets, crowbars, and even golf clubs to smash old game items, TVs, laptops, keyboards, PC monitors, etc.