Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Rainbow Six was extracted on September 16 to deploy tactical cooperative operations for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Operator Rainbow Six Extraction On September 16, they will adopt a comprehensive cross-play, cross-save and cross-process cooperative tactical operation in Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. At that time, they will face the biggest threat: an alien threat whose vicious spread may cause Threaten to overwhelm humanity.

Original name Rainbow Six Quarantine Area, Rainbow Six Extraction It is a PvE cooperative experience in which up to three players can form a team from a group of people. Rainbow Six Siege Join Ash, Mira and Thermite to form the staff of Rainbow Exogenous Analysis Containment Team (REACT).

As the next mainline game Rainbow Six Franchise, extraction Provides a large number of exciting new features, while building on the basis of the introduced tactical game elements Rainbow Six SiegeIn order to counter and ultimately contain the growing alien threat known as Archaeans, your squad can choose from a roster of 18 operators, each with its own set of gadgets, weapons and abilities, among them Many have been updated to deploy to fight new enemies.

Different combinations of operators can open new strategies to deal with Swire threats.Distributed in four regions of the United States, each region extractionThe 12 maps have procedurally generated challenges, various enemies, and infections that become more and more difficult as you go deeper, all of which are designed to keep your REACT squad on alert and test your teamwork.

Of course, this is not just to adapt to the world and the existence of the ancient gods-you also need to make some difficult decisions. After completing the mission in each containment sub-area, you can choose to withdraw your squad and get the rewards you have obtained so far, or venture deeper into containment and face stronger enemies and earn more rewards. That gambling could mean the temporary loss of one of your operators; if they fall, they will be listed as missing in action (MIA) in the containment area and removed from your optional operators. In order to get them back, you must form a team and initiate a rescue mission.

How much risk do you and your team take to complete your task? Are teamwork and rainbow gadgets really enough to deal with alien threats?Find out when Rainbow Six Extraction Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S will be released on September 16.