Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Rainbow Six: The Siege and Healer uncover the mystery of the North Star

Rainbow Six: Siege Operators seeking help to maintain combat effectiveness will find new sources of rehabilitation in the following situations Polaris, The second season of the sixth grade, launched on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. The name of the healer is Thunderbird. She is a new guard from Nakoda Nation, a native of North America. She can deploy her Kóna Stations to any player within range (whether it is Friend or enemy) heal. Polaris It will also include free rework of Favela maps, as well as some important updates to Melusi, Smoke, Mira and Maestro.

Thunderbird’s Kóna radio is a bit like a small turret, but you don’t mind seeing the one with the reels pointing to you. That’s because the small balls they shoot can improve your health. If you get hurt, you can replenish some of your health. If it is already suitable for your violin performance, it can temporarily restore your health. Now, don’t count on one person and one bite until you are full. After the Kóna station provides assistance, it will continue to cool down and must be charged before it can be ready to assist again. The defender can watch the cooling icon to see when the Kóna station can be healed again, while the attacker can look for the blue cone, indicating that it can be repaired. After all, Kona Station does not distinguish between the Allies and the enemy, so attackers might consider using Thatcher’s EMP grenade to paralyze them instead of shooting them directly. Because when it comes to promoting a well-defened website, who can’t use more health?

Fortunately, Thunderbirds are well-equipped and can deal with any attacker and damage their healing effects. Her main weapon choices are SPAS-15 shotguns or Spear .308 assault rifles (equipped with NATO sights, suitable for enthusiasts on the scene), and her secondary choices are Q-929 pistols and Bearing-9 machine guns ( You have adjusted the accessory enthusiast, because now you have adjusted the compensator and flash). You can choose nitrified battery or impact grenade to perfect it, and you will have a strong operator who can provide strong support for the defensive team.

Polaris As night fell, free repairs were provided on the Favela map where fireworks light up the sky. Large-scale internal renovation works have made most of the exterior walls unclear, which means that the attacker will have to rely heavily on windows, doors and two roof stairwells to enter the building (and no more access to the underground stairs) . The connection between the two layers inside is closer, and as the defenders invest in destroying the walls to create sight lines and rotating holes, the close contact at close quarters becomes even closer. As long as you don’t spend too much time playing football with reconnaissance drones outside the building, the situation on the new Favela map will quickly heat up.

Now, for those Melusi, Smoke, Mira and Maestro updates:

  • Merusi: Her banshee device is vulnerable to firing when it is active, which provides another way for attackers to deal with its distracting effects.
  • Mira and Maestro: The bulletproof glass on Mira’s “Black Mirror” and Maestro’s Evil Eyes can now be broken by melee attacks, so they cannot be seen through. The bulletproof glass will remain in place; it can still pierce the jar on the “black mirror” to drop the glass, and it can still open the “evil eye” to launch the laser, but the melee attack will seriously damage its intelligence practicability.
  • smokes: The renewal of gas transmission means that the toxic gas of smoke is now easier to pass through and will spread in a more predictable way (without going through walls).

North Star also has some quality of life improvements that deserve attention. It is worth noting that the corpse will disappear after a short interval and will be replaced by a translucent icon indicating which operator died at that location. This is to alleviate any problems with different players’ bodies appearing in slightly different positions in the same game. In addition, shooting a bullet into a destructible wall will no longer create a hole you can see through; you will need to make some larger peepholes, which may make the opposition more visible. Finally, the new scoreboard update will make your statistics look good and clear, and will convey more information about how the game is going.

All updates mentioned in this article are free, except Thunderbird; new operators will be able to pass Polaris At the beginning of the new season, you can claim the Battle Pass in the Microsoft Store.

Polaris Coming to Xbox siege Players all over the world, so please start planning how the update will affect your strategy today.

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