I’ve seen some taut things here at Nintendo Life Zeppelin, but Rainbow Billy: Leviathan’s curse may be the most taut one ever created by human hands. It’s a very ruddy twist, so it could be coded by Teletubbies. All the crowded Poe’s little belly computers tried to punch Python lines one after another, eventually resulting in his painful death by beating.

But it’s all irrelevant.The important thing is that Rainbow Billy is so twisted Walter the Softy go “Oh, this is a little twee pop, isn’t it?” Therefore, balancing sweetness should be a lot of fun so that your teeth don’t rot. Thankfully, there are some caveats, but it’s a lot of fun.

Basically, gameplay isn’t entirely different from paper marios or the recent (good) disguiser Bugfables. It’s a very familiar but fascinating method because it has a vibrant, vibrant 3D environment and well-drawn thick-lined 2D assets. The use of color is generally good, and where you can and cannot walk is always clearly coded. This is surprisingly less restrictive than you might imagine, as it scrambles the entire rooftop even in the first area of ​​the game. And the aforementioned colors you find work outside of simple aesthetics.

You see, the great sobbing dragon stole the colors of the world and lost joy, uh, pigmentation. Ohno! So, obviously-obviously-Rainbow Billy goes out into the open ocean through his (deep sighing) friendship in search of the stolen tincture in three areas called exploration, platforming and “combat”. increase.

Those who are sharper in you will find that we enclose the battle in scary quotes. This is accurate as there is no actual boxing here. Billy should instead make friends with the other person by talking to them, listening to them, and understanding their problems.Yes it’s all a little Along the gang,is not it? This is the sweetness we were talking about. But it’s not just about Sub-Undertale, it’s about strategy. To “understand” your enemies, you need to use friends you’re already recruiting to get tokens of different shapes and colors to weaken your enemies’ resistance to boundless friendships.

It’s a little creepy when you think about it, so let’s stop. These morale battles are fun, and having more friends than MySpace Tom later in the game can be somewhat strategic, as the different colors and shapes you need are a bit harder to reach.You also have to play various button matching mini games NS Although the paper Mario series already quoted, these presentations are a bit dull compared to almost everything else.

Traveling around the world is a real pleasure, with coin-filled secrets and small holes hidden everywhere. Navigating from island to island, making new companions, solving problems, and generally a little spectacular old days of it. There are small environmental puzzles to solve, lots of people to talk to, and a great place to fish as a sideline (although fishing mini-games feel like old Flash games).

This unique splendor comes at a cost. The game typically runs at a smooth speed of 60 frames per second, but in most cases it can be ridiculously low during a traversal sequence on a boat. Thankfully, I didn’t need a single contraction skill at these points, but it’s still a shame to see a chug in such a game. It also opens with a surprisingly long loading screen.In fact, it’s so long that we timed it and it reached full 1 minute 45 seconds, It’s a pretty wait. I don’t know why. The game certainly looks good and feels vast, but you can’t feel the vastness of loading for nearly two minutes.


Rainbow Billy is much better than the sum of its parts, and only fairly serious technical issues prevent it from giving a higher score.We know we’re a little advanced about it, but it’s very Often exceptionally Morkie, the subject matter can be quite thoughtful and mature, but the dialogue used to explain it is a relentlessly cute poop. It’s definitely a weird game, but the surprisingly complex “combat” and snappy pace of exploration are tentative recommendations if the tone is acceptable. I think it’s especially for children, but it’s quite difficult, so I’m a little confused. Still, nice visuals, well-designed places, fun fights. All the elements of a good game are here and they are right.