Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Put musk and Branson in their place when the space flight simulator takes off on the switch

Ever wanted to build your own space rocket, set off for Mars, and leave this planet forever? Spaceflight Simulator is heading to the Nintendo Switch, so you’ll be able to do it right away (pretend).

Developed by Stefo Mai Morojna, this game allows players to build their own space program from scratch with the goal of exploring the solar system and beyond. Create rockets using parts such as propulsion systems, fairings, capsules, and perhaps other bits and bobs that you probably don’t understand. Thanks to the game’s “Scientifically Accurate Rocket Physics”, you will be able to: Enjoy a “realistic” flight sequence.

The Spaceflight Simulator has already captured the imagination of up-and-coming astronauts on mobile and will land on Steam Early Access in January. The switch port will come later (the release window is currently “2022”), but hopefully it shouldn’t be too late.

“I’m very happy to see Spaceflight Simulator in shape on Steam Early Access,” says Stefo. “More space enthusiasts can launch their own rocket programs, fail over repeatedly, and finally reach the star. And with the release of the Nintendo Switch at the same time as the 1.0 PC launch, so far. That’s all for the ambitious rocket. “

It happened that Stefo actually started working on the game in the hope of getting a job in the Kerbal Space Program. He didn’t get a response, but the game continued to be downloaded over 20 million times on mobile. So who is laughing now?

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