Private Division, a publishing subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive, has acquired Roll7, the developer of the OlliOlli series.

As reported by MCV UK, The publisher purchased a London-based developer for a private amount. Roll7 is currently working on OlliOlli World, the latest addition to the OlliOlli series. It will be published by the Private Division this winter.

In a statement, Michael Wallos, Executive Vice President and Head of Private, spoke positively about the relationship between the publisher and the BAFTA award-winning studio. “We are pleased to welcome Roll 7 to the Private Division family,” said Worosz. “As a team that is passionate about action sports ourselves, it’s worth seeing how Roll7 combines the thrill of competition with Zen to achieve flow conditions in video games. OlliOlli World This winter. “

The Private Division was originally founded by Take-Two to publish games from independent developers, and previously announced The Outer Worlds, Disintegration, Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey and more. Earlier, we agreed to release new games from Moon Studios (Ori & The Blind Forest) and League of Geeks (Armello), as well as Roll7.

Screen-OliOlli World

After the acquisition of Roll7 as part of a private division label, studio co-CEO Simon Bennett lovingly talked about the collaboration so far. “The Private Division is a great publishing partner for OlliOlli World., And I’m happy to continue to grow as a studio as part of the label, “says Bennett.

“The Private Division has empowered our amazing team to raise the bar for OlliOlli World’s creativity and scope. By joining the label, we continue to grow and become an outstanding global video game developer. We aim to achieve our ambition to become. “

The official trailer for OlliOlli World was released in April. For more information on upcoming 2D skateboarding games, check out the hands-on preview that describes the variety of levels, what’s been retained from previous articles in the series, and the fascinating art style of the game.

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