Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

PUBG MOBILE 13-day Halloween Finale and Dr Disrespect: Perspectives and Expectations

Dr. Disrespect will collaborate with PUBG MOBILE at the finale of the upcoming 13-day Halloween live stream event to perform one legendary show with a team of carefully selected elite PUBG MOBILE streamers on October 29th.

IGN carries the stream, and as always, this watch guide has everything you need to know to watch the show, including when the show starts, a list of places to watch with it, what you can expect, and more. Provide information. At the show.

PUBG MOBILE 13-day Halloween finale and Dr Disrespect start time

The next PUBG MOBILE 13 Days of Halloween Finale will be held on October 29th at 5 pm (Pacific Standard Time) / 8 pm (Eastern Standard Time). If you live in the UK or Australia, this is equivalent to 1 am BST / 10 am AEST on October 30th.

PUBG MOBILE A place to watch the 13-day Halloween finale with Dr Disrespect

If you’re interested in watching the upcoming PUBG MOBILE 13 Days of Halloween finale with Dr. Disrespect, host the stream on and the YouTube channel.

What to expect from the upcoming PUBG MOBILE 13-day Halloween finale with Dr Disrespect

Dr. Disrespect will be a special guest for the entire PUBG MOBILE 13 Days of Halloween finale. In fact, this is the first time I’ve streamed the mobile version of the popular battle royale title Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

He will play in four games, with the first three games joining separate teams of PUBG MOBILE content creators (Team Violence, Team Speed, Team Momentum) named after the brand descriptor. In the fourth and final match, Doc will pick three favorite creators and join the team in the final round.

PUBG MOBILE will also be held from October 22nd to October 29th.Who does Doc choose? ” Contest This allows fans to guess which creators Doc will choose to join the final team. Doc is the winner of the contest “Ride to survive the sweepstakes” contest During the finale of the live stream. Lucky people who have won the Doc contest will join in to win the AirPod Pro or iPhone 13, and “Ride to Survive Sweepstakes” will award one lucky winner a 2021 Ural Sidecar motorcycle.

The PUBG MOBILE 13 Days of Halloween event has been held since October 17th, with a carefully selected group of content creators hosting a special Halloween-themed live stream during PUBG MOBILE’s play. .. These creators include Medalcore, Jacob Gaming, TheBushka, Wynnsanity, HotJukes, BellaFox, Her Gaming, Rollexxx, LuPower and Powerbang.

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