Monday, November 29th, 2021

PSA: You can play in TATE mode using the Switch OLED kickstand, but be careful

Image: Nintendo Life

Disclaimer: Nintendo Life is not responsible for any damage (light or anything else) to the nice Switch OLED screen by pointing all new glossy consoles vertically.

Old School arcade and shmup fans have spent the past few years on Switch. This system is unlikely to be home to a variety of arcade classics, in addition to the old and new incredible shooters. It’s very easy to play in its original portrait orientation with a switch. This is well known as TATE mode.This can be achieved with the help of accessories (such as a good flip grip — unfortunately not compatible with SwitchOLED thanks to the new console). a bit By placing the Joy-Con-less console sideways against (different dimensions) or simply books etc.

The original Switch and its infamous flimsy kickstand forced TATE fans to lean the console against something, but confirmed that the Switch OLED could stand upright and upright in its lonely state. (Of course, thousands of people do). Do so at your own risk.

You see, while switching OLED can It stands on its own in makeshift upright mode — when placed on a properly flat surface — at a small angle. that too Vertical for comfort. A breeze or pet just brushes the legs of the table and the precious console crashes in front of the screen and hits the table top first.

Of course, in traditional horizontal mode, the new switch can be placed at different angles. This is also very convenient. However, in this fully makeshift vertical mode, there is only one fairly unstable angle.

That’s right — it works! Hurray and hurray! However, tring it on an airplane can be too close to see the screen at a comfortable angle, and eddy from the passing flight attendants or the slightest hint of minor tweaking can hit the table. There is sex. Turn the screen down. Sad faces are on all sides.

You have been notified … and have been warned!

Please let us know if you have tried this and the games you would like to play in TATE mode below.