NEO: The world ends because of you-Nintendo Life IMG©Square Enix

NEO: The world ends because of you Technically speaking, it is still a few weeks away Official Nintendo Switch is released, but it seems that some lucky fans have mastered the Switch eShop version before the game is released.

Unlike many other recent leaks, this leak is obviously caused by the publisher’s error.Users who choose to pre-order a physical copy of the game Square Enix Store Apparently received a redeemable code yesterday to release a complete digital version on the Switch.

This code is intended to contain some pre-order items, but instead allows users to download and play the entire game. Although Square Enix was able to fix the error within a few hours, many people still have enough time to redeem the code.

If you plan to play the sequel when it is released on July 27th, please keep in mind that spoilers and leaks may have already taken place on social media and message boards. Are you one of the fans who can redeem this game before it is released? Leave a comment below.

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