Image: Nintendo

Sticky balls and sports are incompatible, especially Speaking of bowling. We’re bowling the ball and trying to get a strike, but the ball isn’t sticking to us!

Unfortunately, some Nintendo Switch Sports players have reported that exact issue. One such player @MC Lexin, tweeted directly about the issue at Nintendo. Apparently, this has been happening since the recent summer update, and MCwreckshin has compiled footage of the entire time it happened to them.

As you can see from the video, the ball remains stubbornly attached to the avatar’s hand every time the player goes to throw it. Sometimes after a few times they manage to get it in the bowl. It can also fall straight to the floor—thankfully you lose a toe!

MCwreckshin wasn’t the only one to report this. On Reddit, same person — under username sweetie toad music — Created a thread on Nintendo Switch Sports subredditand other users have reported similar problems.

1 user, scowley75says that bowling balls seem to stick together “if you try to throw something with a curve”, but another BoomerThe Star47_2 — We seem to have discovered that this bug only occurs when playing bowling online.

sweeneytoadmusic then tested this offline and encountered the same sticky ball issue, albeit with much less problems.

And, in a strange twist, another user has the exact opposite problem – ball won’t Leave the player’s hand before the player has a chance to move.

Nintendo hasn’t addressed this issue yet, so if you’re an online bowling alley regular, take note.After all, no one wants a sticky ball.

Have you encountered this issue or any other issues with Nintendo Switch Sports? Let us know!