Saturday, July 31st, 2021

PSA: Remember to update your Joy-Con and your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Life

Nintendo has released version 12.1.0 for Switch, and you may have heard that it allows you to delete old software data to download new data. This update also brings a series of stability improvements.

Since this update is online, users have also noticed that a new update has been released for the Switch Joy-Con controller. As usual, Nintendo has yet to explain what it does.

The method to perform this update is as follows:

How to update your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

1) From the main menu, select “System Settings”. Then select “Controllers and Sensors” from the left.

2) Scroll down to “Update Controller”, press it, and let the console do its job.

Have you performed this update? Have you noticed any changes in your Joy-Con? Tell us below.