Monday, December 6th, 2021

PSA: Leif is now able to weed the Animal Crossing: New Hawaiins Island, but it’s expensive

New Animal Crossing: The New Horizons update makes the weeding process a little easier. Thanks to Nookness. With the addition of Leif’s permanent shop on Herb Island, you can now buy flowers, bushes, crop seeds and saplings whenever you want.

But there is a secret feature we didn’t know in advance: Leif now has a weeding service! He cleans up the entire island at once, including all inaccessible and hidden weeds.


This means it’s much easier to get that coveted 5-star rating from Isabelle and make the island look nice and tidy. Especially if you haven’t touched the game within about a year, like many of us.

Previously, Leif only bought weed chunks from you for 20 bells each, but Animal Crossing: New Reef also suggests removing weeds from the town if you have more than 50 weeds. I did.

However, there is a problem with this service. The cost is … 100,000 bells. To make it valuable, you should have a lot of weeds!


However, there is some good news that follows the bad news. Leif puts all the weeds in a recycling box and prepares you to pick them up. Maybe you can use them to make grilled sea bass with herbs!

Do you take up Leif in his offer, or do you prefer to do manual labor yourself? Let us know in the comments!