Image: Nintendo

The new glossy Switch OLED comes with its own dock, hiding some of its own upgrades, including a chipset capable of handling 4K / 60fps. In addition, the design has been changed so that the back panel pops out when an HDMI cable, power lead, LAN cable, etc. are inserted.

As you know, anything that jumps out of something is in danger of being lost. Nintendo has already covered this contingency by providing a separate back panel for the dock.

These are currently not available in North America For some reason, I think it will be added soon (Japan has at least them).

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NS “Replacement parts” The section on Nintendo’s site is probably new to many. You’ll get items like the Joy-Con wrist strap, HDMI cable, and even a standalone dock.It is also possible to pick up things that are easy to lose Kickstand For the original model switch (although it was previously in the UK store, but for some reason this is not available in the UK store).

Have you ever had to use this service? And are you relieved by the fact that the rear dock panel is available? Do you need it in the future? Please leave a comment and let us know.