image: Nintendo

As reported yesterday, some switch owners seem to already have it Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl..

Since our first post, the locks are now well and really open-and there are quite a few unprecedented footage of remakes circulating across sites like YouTube and Twitter. You can also view new model poses and animations, listen to in-game music, and view full shots of the game’s town map. There is also a battle video.

Certain Twitter accounts have also retweeted a significant portion of this video, and YouTube also shows more video footage with a few simple Pokemon word searches. The popular Pokemon Leak Subreddit also shares new footage, and you can also see the game’s Switch Cartridge.

Of course, we won’t cover videos or photos here at Nintendo Life, but you know that at least the next release will be available. Therefore, if you don’t want to know much about these remakes before their release, consider them carefully online.