Saturday, October 16th, 2021

PSA: Animal Crossing: Don’t forget to transfer New Horizons Island to Switch OLED

Image: Nintendo

Switch OLED will be available tomorrow, and there is no doubt that so many people are waiting for the console to arrive at the front door. The thrill of new game hardware is certainly one of the little joys of life, but don’t allow your excitement like us to overwhelm you.

As you can see from a recent review, the Switch OLED has been in use for a week and when it arrived from Nintendo, it literally couldn’t wait for all the data to be transferred from the old console. We followed the letter forwarding guide and set everything up twice as fast. Except for one very important thing, our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Kojima.

Nintendo supports console-to-console data transfer, but Animal Crossing: New Horizons is different. Since only one island can be stored on a system, island data is processed in a slightly different way than regular data at rest. It also cannot be saved using Nintendo Switch Online’s cloud backup service. Instead, you need to use a special transfer tool to move the island from one console to another. And do you guess what we forgot to do?

Yeah, like a complete fool, we did a system transfer and then passed the switch of the old boot model to the family. The family officially launched their own animal Morishima on the console with a new account. This removes the ability to forward old ones. Island to Switch OLED. And before you asked, no, we didn’t even enable the island backup system (of course, enjoyed the challenge of convincing Nintendo that our old switch was “lost or broken”. It does not mean).

This means that due to our excessive enthusiasm, we have virtually lost months of progress, islanders, and memories. Do not board the same boat. Be sure to move the island to the new Switch OLED before handing over the old console to others.