Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

PS Plus sells for $ 39.99 on Black Friday

Black Friday deals are now available on PlayStation. Sony also reduced the 12-month price of PlayStation Plus to $ 39.99 during the sales event. A one-year subscription to PS Plus is available at almost every retail store for $ 39.99 (Watch it on amazon). This is a great deal for almost anyone with a PS4 or PS5, as it saves $ 20 from the regular price.

Of course, new subscribers can take advantage of this transaction, but current PS Plus members can also take advantage of it. All you have to do is redeem your digital code to add 12 months to your existing membership. It is mutually beneficial.

Playstation Plus Black Friday Deal

If you are new to the PlayStation, or if you are new to online services, you may be wondering what you can get with your money. The main thing you get with a PS Plus subscription is access to online multiplayer games, including the ability to play with friends.

To ease the deal, Sony distributes a small number of PS4 and PS5 games to PS Plus members every month. As long as you add them to your account each month, you can keep and play them for as long as your subscription lasts. You can also use cloud storage for storage. This is especially useful if you are upgrading your console or need to switch to a new console.

In addition, Sony sells on the PlayStation Store, offering exclusive or additional discounts to PS Plus members. Therefore, if you purchase a digital PlayStation game, you can pay for your PlayStation Plus membership on its own.

Also, if you have a PS5, you can take advantage of additional features on PS Plus. This includes game help for supported games and access to the PlayStation Plus collection. The latter is a batch of many of the best games of the PS4 era, including God of War (2018), Uncharted 4, The Last of Us, Days Gone, and numerous third-party titles.

Overall, PS Plus is one of the best deals in the game and is basically a must-have service for those who regularly play on PS4 and PS5. Between free monthly games and additional savings on sale on the PlayStation Store, it really pays for itself. Save on the regular suggested retail price of $ 59.99. Save even more for $ 39.99. The offer ends on November 29th, so get it before it runs out.

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