Sunday, June 13th, 2021

Project64 celebrates its 20th anniversary with the 3.0 update

Simulation can be controversial, but (like it or not) in the past two decades, simulation has played a vital role in games. In addition to fanatical projects and attempts to preserve long-forgotten releases, developers and publishers also use emulators to restore certain releases.

With this in mind, Project64, the most popular (free downloadable) Nintendo 64 emulator, has just launched its 20th anniversary. Although you will not doubt that there will be such a celebration, after several years, the version has been updated from version 2.3.2 to version 3.0.0.

This is a complete summary, provided by PCGamesN.Interestingly, there are even some fixes that can make some games (for example Donkey Kong 64) Runs better:

“Project64 3.0 adds support for GlideN64 and makes it your default plug-in as well as options for new audio and input plug-ins. The cheating system has been improved and can now be easily saved in its own controller and targeted at King Kong Some problems have been fixed. 64 and Indiana Jones and the Hell Machine. “

According to the developers, the current plan is to continue “a lot of changes to the project64 code base…”, which will slowly lead to the emergence of version 4.0.

What are your thoughts on the simulation of video games? Yes, you can talk about this in the comments below.