Project Winter is an interesting combination of survival and social reduction. The combination of “Among Us” and “The Long Dark” will be great in the best moments, but you’ll kneel down to the compromises you need to play on Switch.

The pitch may sound familiar. A team of 5 to 8 people, some of whom are “traitors” and are responsible for either completing or interfering with the task. The traitor has an additional box to open and a hatch to move the map at high speed. Survivors must unite and think about who to trust in order to stay alive. Everything can kill you, traitors, and survivors as well — roaming wolves, moose, bears, traps, hunger, weather, and bitter cold are all your enemies. Even if you overcome it all, you can still be hacked by others and die.

Project Winter is shining in close-range chat. Sound is completely absorbed unless you’re near someone, just as you would in a real landscape plagued by snowstorms. This means that you can hear someone brutally killed, or anyone around you can cry for help to save you. It’s really immersive and fun, and … well, Switch and Voice Chat don’t have a great history, right? Sure, you can use headphones with a built-in microphone, but without the right headset, it’s a lonely and quiet place where you can only listen to and type in the jokes of the people around you. It’s late and will kill you.

On top of that, the other hurdles of ridiculously small text, the overwhelmingly busy UI, the steep learning curves, and the fact that matchmaking is at best a little spotted. terrible In the worst case, it’s pretty hard to recommend this game on Switch over anywhere else. Even when I was in the game, I often encountered racist and sexist troll behavior that should have been left behind in the 2000s. This is certainly not Project Winter’s fault, but it colored our experience.

But the wonderful moment when we played three games in a row with someone named Maro who showed us the rope and betrayed his trust and finally protected us just to kill him. It was precious.