Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Prepare your farmer boots for Farming Simulator 22


  • Farming Simulator 22 It will be released in a few days and will be bigger than ever.
  • Seasonal cycles and production chains add new challenges to gameplay.
  • Cross-platform multiplayer enables borderless collaboration between friends.

Hello (soon) peasant,

Have you ever considered forming and managing a lush vineyard full of grapes and olives on your farm?We are only a few days Farming Simulator 22 Released on November 22nd, your dream come true – even if the dream is now being formed. The latest map trailer gives you a glimpse of Aubay Leron, a map of the Mediterranean inspired by Southern France and its winding vineyards. Perfectly designed for rows and rows of vines and olive groves. Like traditional gondola, you can often see and discover floating in the river. The observatory opens the dome at sunset to align the telescope with the stars. Or a romantic castle on a hill.

However, you can farm, livestock, and forestry on three different maps. For the suburban attractions of the Midwestern United States map, the mountainous landscapes of Elm Creek or Arlenglad (like the European Alps) are more attractive. Farming Simulator features new crops, new maps, new brands and machines, as well as new (optional) gameplay features such as seasonal cycles and production chains.

Farming Simulator 22

It’s entirely up to you how long the virtual year and its seasons last. A month can consist of up to 28 days. Depending on the season, there are also multiple challenges. When sowing and harvesting crops, you need to stick to the crop calendar and prepare for the winter. Your animals need to be fed and your roads must be kept free of snow. During the winter, traditional crops cannot be sown or harvested. But thanks to the greenhouse, you can still grow crops.

Farming Simulator 22

Then let’s grow vegetables! Your greenhouse will be an essential asset to your bank account during the winter. And for your soul, dead trees and dead crops will not dominate your farm. Have you ever been very happy to see green lettuce? You can also grow tomatoes and strawberries. Sell ​​them or deliver them to a production plant like a local bakery. Over there, we bake delicious strawberry cakes using ingredients such as strawberries. And what does that mean? The right, more profit for your farming. As you can see, if that is your goal, your farming business can be very large. And what can help you manage a steadily growing farm? Yes, a peasant who shares his ambitions with some friends! You can always get help in multiplayer mode.

Farming Simulator 22

Best thing about it: It doesn’t matter what platform your friends are playing on! Recently announced cross-platform multiplayer. This allows you to farm with all your friends, regardless of the system you choose. New and improved character creators allow individual characters so anyone can farm in their own style. For example, while managing a production plant, you can cultivate some fields, bring goods to selling points, take care of animals, and get your friends to help you.Speaking of animals: Livestock have become very cute and fluffy Farming Simulator 22.. So who doesn’t want to take care of cows, chickens, sheep, pigs and horses to keep them happy?

The recently released garage trailer also introduced some of the most exciting machines you can operate with Farming Simulator 22. More than 400 real machines from real brands such as CaseIH, CLAAS, DEUTZ-FAHR, Fendt, John Deere, KRONE, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Waltra and many more will be available in the game. The number of machines, new crops, and features such as the production chains and seasonal cycles mentioned above make Farming Simulator the largest game ever released.Before and after the release of Farming Simulator 22, We also keep you up to date on the official YouTube channel and blog.

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Farming Simulator 22 Pre-order Edition

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Take on the role of a modern farmer and build your farm creatively in three diverse American and European environments. Farming Simulator 22 offers a wide variety of agricultural operations with a focus on agriculture, livestock and forestry. Seasonal cycles are now an exciting addition. Includes over 400 machines and tools from over 100 real agricultural brands such as John Deere, CLAAS, Case IH, New Holland, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, and crops such as wheat, corn, potatoes and cotton. Sow and harvest. New machine categories and crops add new gameplay mechanics to the experience. You can also collaborate in multiplayer to run the farm and extend the game with a number of free changes created by the community. Farming Simulator 22 offers players more freedom than ever and challenges you to become a successful farmer – start farming and grow your fun time!