Monday, September 20th, 2021

Prepare for your journey, because Weird West is coming to Xbox this fall

Hello Xbox community!We have been working hard to make our first championship title Weird west For a while, we are very excited to announce that it will be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S this fall. Since this is the first time we have written to you, we think we will give you an exclusive introduction to the two trips you will take during your stay in the Old West.

Weird west It is a third-person immersive simulation game with a reimagining of the dark fantasy of the Old West. Gunners, night lurkers, ritual performers and people cursed for living weird lives make the world full of unique and exciting encounters. Please note: When you look for the meaning of the burning mark at the heart of the story, your allies may quickly become your enemies.

Weird west There are five intertwined journeys, and here we will delve into two of them, the sleepwalker and the pigman.

Weird west

Oneirists spent their time in the West perfecting the art of predicting the future to protect the land from its own dark installations. As a new beginner to their cult, you will begin your Oneirist journey by entering the first visual trance state, which will show you a more severe future than beginners usually see. Your journey will not be easy-the whole future is up in the air-but with a bunch of magical abilities, plus one or two six shooters, you will have the best chance possible to save the West from what comes from.

Weird west

Now continue to do something different: the pigman journey. You used to be a man, of course, but now your body has been turned into half human and half pig by a person with bones to pick. You look bad now.Make people you ever know feel sick; even enter a town Weird west It can cause people to shout insults, or worse-like your laws. When your journey begins, you will yearn for one thing, and only one thing: find people who do this to you, and find out why they do it. But looking like a monster can inspire the worst in people, so don’t expect it to be an easy task.

Weird west

These are just two of the five journeys you will take Weird west, No two of them are the same. As an immersive experience, you will create teams, friendships and enemies.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We are very happy to release it on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S this fall.follow @WolfEyeGames with @devolverdigital For all the latest information Weird west.