Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Power Rangers Dino Charge villain Poisandra enters the grid


  • Power Rangers: Battle of the Grid We serve fresh sweets in Season 4 with Pois Sandra, the villain of Power Rangers Dino Charge.
  • The Queen of Candy will enter the grid on November 16th, with bounty hunter husband Sledge acting as an assist.
  • Joining them is the legendary Grave Zode, from the Savant Go-Go Power Rangers # 9 comic, which was cobbled together from a damaged and destroyed Zode from the coinless world.

Are you ready for a sweet treat? Power Rangers: Battle of the Grid This week, Dino Charge’s villain and candy queen, Poisandra, an ancient bounty hunter who has crossed the road many times with the Rangers to pursue her prize, will bring the latest character release. A deadly combination of power and elegance, Poisandra punishes enemies with a heart-shaped spear and cake mine, and her husband’s sledge offers some assisting movements.


When it comes to street fighting, it turns out that Pois Sandra is not a puff pastry. The sizzling Hughes of Poisandra’s melee exploding cake is a noisy warning that she is temporarily claiming part of the battle zone. With Poisandra’s assist attack, other fighters can also serve cakes. And when it comes to assists, Pois Sandra’s husband, Sledge, can either put a coverfire on behalf of his loved one or charge across the battlefield in front of her like an aggressive tackle.


Pois Sandra’s appearance shows her unpredictable personality and style. She wears a bright pink, covers her heart, and devastates her enemies with an oversized heart-shaped spear and booby trap candy. When fighting enemies, she carries her own hilarious villain style – skipping to run, waving enthusiastically, and spinning the entire stage with malicious attacks.


Video game voice actor Carrie Keranen speaks to Poisandra When Sled. Disturbed by everyone, Pois Sandra provokes enemies with lines as luxurious as her fighting style. “Caramelize!” “Let me eat cake!” “Desert only!” And “Sweet teeth!” Poisandra is one of the playful lines that throws the opponent’s path with flammable cakes.

Gravezode screen

Also added in this release is the legendary Gravezord. First appearing in Saban’s GoGo Power Rangers # 9 comic, this powerful Zord was cobbled together from the damaged and destroyed pieces of the World of the Coinless Zord. When unleashed, Gravezord fills the screen with its blade thrust and devastation from an energy blast.

Poisandra and Gravezord are part of Season 4 Power Rangers: Battle of the Grid, You can buy it for $ 14.99 or you can buy Poisandra individually for $ 5.99. Gravezord is a free download for all players.

See you on the grid!

Power Rangers: Battle of the Grid – Season 4 Pass

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$ 14.99

The Season 4 Pass includes three characters: Adam Park-MMPR Black Ninja Ranger, Pois Sandra-Dino Charge Villain, Rita Liprusa-MMPR Villain, and Anubis Kruger’s formal attire skins. (Some characters will be released at a later date).