Some prominent games YouTuber have been stolen and cast as NFTs.

As Report by EurogamerThe stolen images displayed on OpenSea, an online auction site dealing with non-fungible tokens, include James Stephanie Sterling, Alanah Pearce, and Jim Caddick.

Of course, none of these hard-working people were happy with the situation and took me to Twitter to ridicule the work of OpenSea users StakeTheWeb. This work includes images and URLs ripped from the YouTube channel. The channel said. It’s very strange that some people are ready to pay.

Commander Stephanie Sterling was, of course, furious at the situation, saying he felt that the NFT market was “rude”, a “scum” job, and violating the situation.Sony Santa Monica Alanah Pearce Her image has been inserted into an adult website related NFT.

Talk to TheGamer, OpenSea has issued the following statement:

“OpenSea supports an open and creative ecosystem where people have greater freedom and ownership of all kinds of digital items. One of our operating principles is plagiarism and plagiarism on the platform. Is to support creators and their viewers by blocking.

“For that reason, it is against our policy to sell NFTs using disguised content, which we regularly do in various ways, such as delisting and, in some cases, banning accounts (in this case). We are actively expanding our efforts to protect and empower our communities and creators across customer support, trust and security, and site integrity. . “

Thankfully, at the time of writing this, Alanah Pearce removed her image from the site, but with Sterling. CadickIs still available for purchase. Let’s hope OpenSea will come together to stop the theft of this explicit image and artwork as soon as possible.