Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Poll: What is the best Spider-Man game on the Nintendo system?

Image: Sony Pictures

The internet has recently stimulated our Spider-Man sense with rumors about the next movie Spider-Man: No Way Home Fly around social media. Will Magwire and Garfield come back for this? And perhaps more importantly, is this movie as good as Dr. Octopus’s last movie, or is it a boring movie with too many villains?

Anyway, all Spider-Man stories made us joking about playing web slinger in the form of video games.While Nintendo gamers miss The latest (and the best?) Interpreted, many Spider-Man games have appeared on Nintendo consoles over the years. The owner of the switch may only be able to play as him in the form of a Lego Marvel superhero, but older consoles have many other options.

But which is the best? Which Spider-Man game is worth revisiting? Now, with the help of our friendly neighborhood readers, we thought we would ask to rate and rank our favorite Spider-Man games on the Nintendo platform.

There are candidates below. Registered users of Nintendo Life can click on the stars to rate Spider-Man games on a scale of 10. If you’ve rated these games before, it’s great. — Just raise your legs. Similar to voting on the Top 50 platforms, the ranking of results (coming soon) is created from the database of NL user ratings and is subject to change after publication.

Please let us know if you missed any games in the comments, including only those games where Spider-Man gets the title role.There is many!

Ready? Let’s shake …

Please rate each Spider-Man game you play.

Click on the stars below to rate each Spider-Man game you play on a scale of 10.

Thank you for your rating! We plan to check the results in the near future, but keep in mind. Like the top 50 platforms, the list is fluid, so if you miss a vote before the results are published, you can still influence your rankings afterwards. Publication.