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This week we bring the launch of the 4th generation remastered / reimagined Pokemon Brilliant Diamonds and Shining Pearls, which add tweaks to the chibi style and quality of life compared to the DS original. Not surprisingly, it makes me think a little about the long history of the series. Has the Pokemon franchise reached the peak of the game in 25 years, especially since it only gave modest recommendations to the latest release?

Our view is a matter of record, but we want yours The best view of Pokemon games.We need to emphasize that we are in focus Main line Entry; The Pokemon franchise had more spin-off games than this writer had a hot supper, so we thought it was best to keep it focused. But which generation and entry is the best in your view? Are you driven by the nostalgia and constant purity of old games, or are you enjoying a more modern entry with all the online features and the 3D world? It’s time to give your own review score and celebrate the best Pokemon game ever.

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