Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Poll: What did you think of yesterday’s Nintendo Direct?

Image: Nintendo

OK good, Nintendo certainly did quite a few shows at Nintendo Direct in September 2021.Whether you like Whether it was the purpose of this poll, it certainly had some notable exposures, updates, and big moments.

As you can see in the summary above, it was a fairly packed show, and one of Nintendo’s longer efforts clocked in in 40 minutes. The strength of the lineup is that it’s difficult to pick just a few important moments. A lot of things were happening. A new hierarchy of Nintendo Switch Online has been announced, Nintendo 64 and MegaDrive / Genesis games have been added, and several new controllers have been introduced. Subscription update pricing is still obscured. There was a Mario movie cast. Kirby returns to the big 3D world. This looks like a fascinating and striking spin in the series. Splatoon 3 looks like a better Splatoon game. Brewster.

And the big finale was, frankly, a game that was a little worrisome because of its long absence. Bayonetta 3 will be screened, typically exaggerated, next year.

There were many other announcements-the above summary reminds you! -This included acclaimed titles, significant expansions, and a “now” moment for fans of Castlevania Dracula to taste. For the money of this writer, it was a powerful offering that had something for almost everyone.