Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Poll: What are your thoughts on Nintendo Direct at E3 2021?

©Nintendo/Nintendo Life

Nintendo’s E3 Direct is over, as you might expect, it is full of game displays and shows quite a lot of Nintendo’s advantages. We have been writing news for your eyeballs on the homepage, and you can check the summary of the main announcements below.

Happily, Nintendo is able to keep the content of this Direct away from many common online leakers, and some of the first-party surprises are of course fans’ favorite announcements.Long-lost Metroid Fear After about 15 years (!) wait, the goods arrive this year.The long-awaited return of Advance Wars Advance Wars 1+2 Retraining Camp, It will provide two original GBA versions in a completely reworked form.Of course we also have WarioWare: Come together! Announced, it can be said that this is a long-term request of fans.

Of course, there is also the Legend of Zelda part, the highlight is The upcoming Game & Watch, more importantly, re-examines Breath of the Wild 2. Maybe it’s Breath of the Wild.

As Nintendo has always said, everything has to do with software-so rumors about hardware are untenable. There is also a lot of third-party content (as you can see in the roundup), so the rest of 2021 is full of good games. In our team, we are very excited about many reveals, especially the ones highlighted above. These are some of the long-awaited franchise rights and games that have gained new opportunities on the Switch, and I am glad to see them.

However, the question is do you like Direct? Vote in the poll below and share your opinion in the comments!