Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Poll: Metroid Dread is out on Switch today, are you getting it?

Finally, after waiting 19 years, Metroid fans around the world are about to discover Samus’ fifth mainline adventure. Metroid Dread is coming to Nintendo Switch today.

Despite having a seriously enthusiastic fan base, Metroid has always been a franchise with surprisingly low total sales (at least when compared to Nintendo’s other major IPs).It has had some really great games over the years but has never been able to pull out numbers like the series The Legend of Zelda Or recently Animal Crossing Have got.

This time, however, Nintendo is doing big The overall consensus in its marketing and from critics is that this is the grand return that fans have been hoping for.

So we give it to you. Do you want to buy a game? Are you already a fan of the series, or will this be your first Metroid game? Please vote below and feel free to extend your answer in the comments.

If you have already decided, you can buy a physical copy here. Or, if the problem still persists, make a full review.